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We’ve been developing software for different companies since 1992. Early development was on the home and business computers of the time including the Amstrad CPC, BBC, Acorn Electron and ZX Spectrum. From 1987 we moved into the early IBM PC market developing systems for MS/DOS and early versions of Microsoft Windows 3.1.

Since those early beginnings iMagic moved into contract development for other software companies including BancTec, writing banking systems for Lloyds and Barclays Bank and IBM for support in there outsourced systems. We also supported large corporations such as Telstra and BT. Each time we developed a system it was re-branded into the respective colors of the company we were working for.

In 2002 the iMagic team decided to go it alone and develop systems directly to the public, also offering support and services. In that time we’ve developed business and reservation systems for different niche markets including inventory management, hotel reservations, restaurant management, as well as kennel and marina booking systems.

Today we continue to support and release new updates on a regular basis. Each time adding new features while keeping the software simple to use. We don’t believe that adding new complexities makes for a better system, instead we aim to make our software as easy and quick to use as possible.

iMagic Pty Ltd
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