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Here we doing our best to collect links relevant to the customers of our products. This includes information and resources for restaurant owners, hotel managers, small business owners and inventory/stock management. If you have a link that you think our customers would benefit from, please contact us so we can add it. And please no spam! Life is too short. :o)

Restaurant Related Sites - Information for restaurant owners, including recipes, food articles and even some cooking idea videos! This is one of the better sites (in my opinion) for restaurant owners, it has articles and relevant information that is of practical use, rather than the usual dribble and mass of advertising you usually find. If you're a restaurant owner I'd suggest giving it a look.

Technology Related Sites

SharewarePROS - helpful software from around the web reviewed and gathered into a single place.
BrotherSoft - helps you find software online that you're looking for, you can even find us on there. This is the place we go when we're looking for utilities or applications to use here in the office. Generally we can find most things on here, and they usually link to free trials so you can try things out first - very imporant. Finding software can be time consuming, so it's a good place to start.

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